About us

Our History

There was once a “curly hair” little girl who dreamed with open eyes and admired everything that filled her eyes with light. She was fashinated by everything that glistened by everything she could shine. One day he decided to leave her city, she lived in Paris and moved to Milan. It’s all started, stopping in front of the big designer’s showcases.

Her favorite accessory was the bag because every woman’s handbag is a unique world of dreams and secrets. Today, that girl continues to dream by creating her line of handbags with taste and simplicity but also elegance, practicality and trend.

That girl, who has become a woman, “curly” and full of dreams, continues to dream and enchant in front of shop windows, but now there are her Curly Bags in the showcases.

I forgot !!! Have you ever wondered why the name Curly Bags?

Recovering the meaning in English of “Curly” that means curly hair.

I am naturally curly hair and so this name is born, and the curl immediately makes me think of a cheerful, energetic person, full of energy, as I am. Rich and full of dreams.

A real Curly.