About me

My History

There was once a “curly-haired” little girl who dreamed with open eyes and admired everything that filled them with light. She was fascinated by everything glistened and made her shine. One day she decided to leave her city, she lived in Paris and then moved to Milan.

That’s where it all began, as she stood out in front of the big designer’s showcases. Her favorite accessory was the bag because every woman’s handbag contains a unique world of dreams and secrets.

Today, that girl has continued her dream by creating a line of handbags that focuses on taste and simplicity, but also elegance, practicality and fashion.

That girl, who is now a woman, “curly-haired” and full of dreams, continues to dream and fantasize in front of shop windows, but now her Curly Bags decorate the showcases. I forgot!!! Perhaps you were wondering where the name Curly Bags came from?

Coming from the English word “curly”, to refer to curly hair. I have naturally curly hair, so that was the inspiration for the name.

The word “curly” immediately makes me think of a cheerful, energetic person, brimming with energy, like me. Brilliant and full of dreams.

A real Curly.